How many hours did you workbulding you business

I would like to know how much time people spent when they were building their business whn they started. Im under th impression that 50 hours a week is sufficent as a wholesaler. Please feel free to chime in.


How many hours are there in a day? You can’t simply place a number on it and say, “that’s how much I’m gonna spend at my business.”

If you are truly planning on being successful at ANY business, plan on spending ALL your waking (and most of your sleeping) hours on making it a success.

And just to give you an idea of what kind of time I’m talking about; I hardly ever get into bed before midnight, and generally it’s more like 1-2am. My up and at 'em no later than 7am and usually earlier. And I can barely spell TV, much less watch any of it.

Are you ready for that kind of commitment?


Each business is operated differently. Some outsource some tasks, others do it themselves.

For example, I don’t spend any time on mailing out. I have someone who does it for me. I am thinking of hiring someone in India to go through our online county website and build me mailing lists for $0.15/lead/name. I still spend good amount of time doing research, improving on my marketing, testing new ideas, setting up systems…etc. for example, I was up till 4am last night/this morning collecting information from the county website to test a marketing strategy before I outsource it.

The amount of time you spend will depend on your budget. You either save do the work yourself, or have someone else do some of the work. Your time is best utilized trying to figure out how to increase and improve your business, Setting up systems, negotiating with sellers.

Now, if you are driving neighborhoods, driving around and placing signs, going to the courthouse, then yes 50+ hours is a good number.


I like your work ethic and yes I am resdy for that kind of commitment. I would like to know what kind of Real estate investing do you do? Are you a landlord, rehabber, wholesaler, or just a general investor doing a bit of everything?

If you read ART OF THE DEAL by Donald Trump, he describes his daily activities. Despite being a media icon, he is a true real estate investor at heart. And he’s one of the best in the world. And guess what…he works FAR MORE than 50 hours a week. He works in his office during normal business hours, but he’s on the phone at home in the evenings & on weekends frequently - making deals. That doesn’t count the time he spends on the road / in the air. The book was written in 1986 or 1987, and the first edition was published November 12th 1987, so I’m sure he’s now even busier thanks to the world of cell phones that we all live in. =) Working so much can be a stinker, yes, but I myself love what I do. I love making cash by the ton. I love marketing, accounting, taxes, financing, everything involved with BUSINESS. So for me it’s a hobby, not just a job.