How long was it...........

before you both your second or third rental/investment/other property, a year, 2, 3??? Just curious.

Also does anyone know where I could look to find out if there are any multi-unit dwellings, duplexes etc etc for sale in my area (hampton roads, norfolk, virginia beach, NN.


Feedback is welcomed

I bought my first REI in January and my second in April.

To find multi-families, try On the main page, enter the city and state you want to search. Then, click on “More Search Options”. On this page, under “Property Types” make sure there is a check only in the “Multi-FamilyHome” block. Then, go to the bottom of the page and click “Nearby Areas”. When you get to this page, select any/all of the cities you want to include. Then, click “Show Properties”.

I did a quick search and got 14 properties.

Hope this helps!