how long 'til first done deal?

To keep the fire burning within, how long did it take for you to get your first deal to the closing table and collect your first REI paycheck?

I’ve been at this for over 6 months and a recent deal (the first actual deal as well) went south. I need some encouragement to keep me going; I’m not looking for get-rich-quick-stories but people that actually stuck it out and ultimately reaped the rewards of their efforts and frustration.

Thanks for sharing.

It took me 6 mo. to get my first deal done. Then it took 2 months to do 2 more. I currently am working on a couple of others.
Always remember-
Real Estate Investing is not a sprint… it’s a marathon.
What ever you do don’t give up! You can do it!! ;D :bigok:

Welcome vidaloca,
I teach my birdogs/ground partners that the effective work they do TODAY will determine their income 90 days from now. Did you do the work required to earn several thousand today? NO? You sat on your [expletive deletedby Moderator]? Don’t expect a payday then.
YES? You’ll see the fruits of your labor (big payday) in 90 days. KEEP UP THE MOMENTUM!!!
Activity begets future income. Contrary to what you may believe from the late night gurus, this ain’t get a rich quick
scheme. You have to build the foundation.
Like any other high-income earning professional, you’ll need to pay your dues through education, study, reading,learning (Am I making it clear there’s volumes to learn?) as well as sweat equity. The difference between a JOB and a well paying profession is hundreds of hours of effective study and sales activity. There’s additional long term benefits in the form of passive income, financial independence, freedom from the corporate grind, etc. The wildcard in the equation is your grit. Got it in you? :wink:
To your success,

Thanks for the replies and keep them comin’ - they keep me motivated.
I have been working for over 7 months now and my first contractual deal with my partner has tanked due to seller’s remorse. THe lady does not have money, was selling her house at cost to get rid of the mortgage burden, and now is backing out of the deal. We’re talking with a lawyer but have to realistically weigh the pros and cons of pursuing a specific performance lawsuit .

I certainly know from experience that this is not get-rich-quick, which is why I put in my initial post here that I wasn’t interested in those stories - whereby someone is incredibly lucky and gets a deal in 1 day or something.

I just want to hear from others that at some point in time they were just as frustrated, but hung in there and it paid off (and let me know how it did to keep me even more motivated! :wink:

Thanks again