How long does a lease option usually take to go thru?

How long does a lease option take? Is it the same as a regular purchase? When you have a buyer, can you generally close quickly?

Thank you! :smile

How long is between seller and buyer. Financing after the LO is just like any Mortgage through a Bank or Mort. Co.
Just be sure the buyer gets things rolling before the option expires.herbster

Lease option - go through. Kind of an oxymoron.

The best part of lease options is that they almost never go through. If you score on one out of three you are a super star.

You can make lots of $$$$ on option fees and lease option people are way better than tenants because they maintain the property.

Having them get to closing is another story although I have had lots of them close.

My best advice to you is don’t count your chickens and don’ spend the money.