How long Do Bandit Signs Stay Up?

I find the life expectancy of my Bandit is 4 days however they out pull every other form of advertising. Any feed back?

Tabman -

You sure are promoting this website a lot in your posts. Do you work for the company?

I have tried to order signs 3 or 4 times already and haven’t gotten any response from the company. (Quite frustrating) :banghead. Also, the website has changed every time I go to it. Is this a legit company?

I would love to order some signs from them as their prices are great, if only someone would email me back from there. :help

You dont need bandit signs to receive calls from bandit signs…

Ok, Ok. Great hook. So what’s the catch?? Spill the beans.

I think what Michael is saying is that you just need to write your phone number on other people’s bandit signs, lol :smile. No, just kidding. Seriously though, I am also interested in what you mean by this.

Almost all bandit signs say the same things…

I Buy Houses and We Buy Houses, fast cash, then their telephone number and sometimes the number is so small the viewer cant see it.

The house I bought for 15k worth 10 times that much was from a bandit sign… The seller saw a bandit sign and then went to their telephone book to look up the telephone number for “I Buy Houses”.

I know this becasue it happens all of the time… And when I am out on presentations people tell me that I have signs all over the place. This tells me that the public doesnt know the difference between the many companies.

So if you have a small budget make certain that your telephone number is listed in the white pages and under 411 information.


There you go again with that white pages talk, haha
Michael I truly hope your seminars are selling out, because
this alone is worth the price of any admision you could charge
ie; $10K we have been offered $30k for our number listings,
and we wouldnt even begin to take that.

My signs usually only last 2 or 3 days. I’ve tried putting them on wooden stakes and stapling them to telephone poles but either way they go fast. I think in my area I’ll have to put them out Friday evening after the city officials go home for the weekend and take them down Sunday evening.

In Houston, I have learned that you must monitor the city crews, Each area of town is a different day. Also it appears that the lower end zip code is you are placing your signs.

so I would say 3 or 4 days is a good #.

in the area i am in in NY i have been trying to put signs up at intersections near the town boundaries in hopes that anyone that would be working for that town wouldnt make that loop.

honestly i dont think there is anyone here regulating them, most of my first signs are still up; however i did see a kid kick one of mine out of the ground while i was sitting at a light.

It depends on the area. If hanging on pole, hang as high as possible (12ft) is great. It makes it more difficult for people or code enforcement to get to them. You can also get a moving bandit sign at

Sometimes they stay up for just a few days and sometimes they stay up for a few weeks… it’s crazy. We use a service to place them and use a call capture company so we know what signs were placed when and yoiu just never know.

They work though, we are never disappointed.

Bandit signs are the best form of advertising for the money spent. Even if they only stay up for a few days.

Hey Rescue,
What call capture company do you use for your bandit sign metrics?


Info Line - Link on this page: