How long did it take you to make money?

How long were you in the game before you made your first sale and started doing this full time?

I have been putting full time work into this thing (even though I have a bill-payer-job) for the past 3 weeks and still nothing.

I’m just so fustrated, ahh!!!

I have over a dozen great properties running all < 70% LTV, mainly luxury homes and for whatever reason I’m having trouble with finding Investors :cry:

Any words of advice out there?

Three weeks and you’re ready to give up? Contrary to what the gurus say, it doesn’t happen overnight. That’s not to say it takes years to make any money, but take a couple deep breaths and relax. In my experience, REI has peaks and valleys, high tide and low tide, pick your cliche. You may not make a sale for three weeks and then sell three properties next week. It’s a bit early to panic.

Far from panicing, just starting to get a lil frazzled =]

I’ll be okay :smiley: