How is this price per linear foot for cabs?

We have been shopping and getting estimates for our first rehab project. Cabinets are a big expense, but we don’t want to skimp on a rehab (we would rather not have that reputation right off the bat).

We got an estimate today for $150 per linear foot installed for Lyptus, raised panel, all-wood, custom cabinets. (If you aren’t familiar with Lyptus, here is a pic for an example: - this is NOT the style we were quoted for)

We have been to HD to ‘window shop’ DIY install cabinets, but with those per foot prices, but it seems like you end up getting nickeled and dimed on trim pieces and other stuff, so it is appealing just to go custom, solid wood and have them install them.

Alternatively, does anyone have a Austin (or surrounding areas) rec for a “mom and pop” cabinet maker?