How is everyone finding and utilizing BIRDDOGS??

What tools and tricks are being used to find birddogs and do deals??

Brandon Calhoun
Lafayette, Monroe and Lake Charles, LA Markets

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I have a love hate relationship with my bird dogs. I estimate 99% flake out, most don’t even try, some will send 1 or 2 addresses and then I never hear from them again. It’s interesting that the ones that keep me on the phone for 20 minutes telling me they have a passion for Real Estate, it’s something they were born to do etc etc blah blah, they actually never send me any addresses and I never hear from them again.
It could be partly my fault, I don’t give them love and attention. I have learned to give them some positive feedback when they send a crap load of addresses and I tell them good job. I know I should do a lot more, I estimate I’ve done a third of my deals because of bird dogs.
But as far as hand holding, I’m just not there. I email them instructions and motivation literature, If a bird dog is constantly calling and taking up my time I let them know, I want them to email or txt me only. I’m not the Daddy they never had. I’m not a huggy kissy type of guy.
I advertise for bird dogs on Craig’s List. I want them to get out there and find me a minimum of 50 addresses of vacant houses a week. I’m lucky to get 10.
What I often get is a bird dog who sends me 3 addresses and calls me 3 times a week for updates.
Each time I explain that I need a lot more addresses and I remind them it’s a numbers game, why cant they understand this? Some potential bird dogs require I meet them, I’ve done a lot of that, only to never see even a half ass effort and many times never to hear from them again.
If your going to recruit bird dogs, you need patience, understanding, leadership skills and more patience.
Also, they may come to realize being a bird dog is work, takes commitment and focus, they wud much rather be home playing video games.
Do I sound negative and pessimistic? Haha, I got ads running constantly, trying to find the few, now that’s optimism.