How find houses with equity?

I want to wholesale, but my concern is how do you find houses with equity so you can buy low and flip them easily? It seems that most now would require a short sale and that seems like it would require too much time to make $. Any ideas?

I have found alot of my homes through classifieds, and networking. The best way that I have found for locating homes is through other realtors, just last week monday I got a call on one for 22,000, and Friday I put it under contract for 31,000. I will be adding him to the contract and then deeding myself off at closing.

ericmedem you said you were going to deed yourself out the contract, how exactly would you do it? any good advise would help THANKS!!

also, eric do you use a contract drawn up by a lawyer?

This question is a little strange because I’m not sure if you’re asking how to find sellers or how to create equity. The key to investing is to buy below market when you make your offer. If you’re asking how to find sellers, there are tons of articles and books out there that teach you how to find motivated sellers. This site has a marketing section that covers everything from bandit signs to birddogs and websites. Top business builders are bandit signs, craigslist, greensheet/classified ads, networking, etc…