How effective is E-mail marketing for real estate marketing?

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Do you think E-mail marketing can be a successful technique to increase the leads for the real estate marketing?

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Can you explain more about what it is you mean by email marketing? Email is a great way to follow up and keep in contact with your database. Not sure if you meant this way or not.


Email marketing is a great way to market real estate for buying and selling. A good online campaign needs Facebook and Instagram used habitually.

For my campaigns I use as they are masters of online marketing. Yeah…I can do it myself but my time is best served making offers.

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Email Marketing is the best platform for real estate marketing, though this you can easily get your customer engaged and through this you can easily offer you deal to them.

It really goes well for me but one thing you need to keep in mind just not irritate your client database with daily email alerts because the result be simple, they would ask you to remove them from the list which is not good for your business profile, so better to stick with weekly or monthly updates.

HI Jennifer Kelly
Email Marketing is extremely successful for land advertising. Email advertising for real estate agents furnishes operators with the biggest audience possible as well as. . Individuals who are searching for a house understand it’s a long process, one that requires time, commitment, and examination Therefore, potential purchasers will be a hostage crowd for real estate email marketing efforts because they’ll see each email as the particular case that could include the place they had always wanted.

If you looking to sell or buy investment property email marketing is the best way to sell your property quickly. Built you a list of buyers that’s looking to buy investment property then all you have to do is send a email out when you find a deal on a investment.

Wherever you are a Real Estate Agent, Broker or Investor, email marketing can be really powerful!

I do outsourcing for clients in both North America, UK & Australia, where we manage email marketing for some of them. I have included a bunch of learning point I have from that:

Make sure you segment your list in AT LEAST Buyers & Sellers - On the Buyer side you can perhaps create 3 categories, Once off buyer, Landlord, Investor.
The reason you want to split this (And hence make sure your lead gathering is preferably split at least between buyer and seller opt-ins), is to make sure your email hit the right people.

Sellers, particular for investors are often once off - If this is the case it’s a good idea to have a relatively long series of auto responders “help them” getting to the sales decision - If you work with seller that sells frequently, I would perhaps have a seperate list for this.
Buyers, On the buyers most people are looking to find people who are either investors or landlords that will take several properties - For those I would suggest an auto responder series first, but make it clear to them that they will get on your “VIP Sales list” for great deals - You then want to use a certain specific format for your “House Alert mail” that they get use to, so that it’s easy for people to have a quick glance to see what type of property it is.

BONUS TIP: Some of our client have made a ton of money partnering up with companies that sells services around real estate, so that could be the likes of moving companies, handy men and even the likes companies providing Gas, electricity and the likes. If you set up some affiliate deals or partnerships with these kind of companies, you can get additional profit out of “helping” your customers when they are moving houses and the likes.
If you get this well build into your auto responders series, it can be some great additional profit that very few of your competitors are getting and it will likewise be a great channel for you to get leads from as well.

The most difficult thing in the beginning is building your buyer and sellers list, which we help many of our customers to do online through classified ads and the likes.

Any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

The most important ingredient of email marketing based from my experience is follow up. Being persistent is really helpful and especially a long list of buyers and great connections as well.

E-Mail marketing is the effective way for real estate where we can get leads by spending less money.Not only for real estate it will be helpful for other businesses…

I think email marketing is more of a email newsletter. You shouldn’t email those who you don’t know.

You should have your contact list and send them email newsletter every week to remain them new listing and other info about your real estate business.

Remember not to spam them.

I am not too sure of EMail marketing to sell real estate.A customer buys a home once.If you regularly send E mails and newsletters to a person he is not going to buy a house again.At least most people wont.E Mail marketing is highly effective for products which have repeat customers.People who buy again and again.I prefer to focus on local SEO.

Indeed it is however it solely depends how did you compiled the list and how fresh it is.

Some agents understand the value of email marketing, but most of the time they don’t use it long term with any particular client.

I called on a vacant house, and the agent asked me what the criteria for buying was. I gave him my limits and desires, not really expecting any followup, since most agents ask this question, and then drop the ball… But he got my email address and sure enough, I started getting leads on MLS deals that most closely matched what I said I wanted to buy.

However, he only had me on his rotation for ninety days, with no other followup, and then it all stopped. Dumb.

The reason you continually contact prospects, is so that the prospect will have you in mind when he’s ready to act. You know, when a prospect ripens, and is ready to be picked (harvested). Lots of buyers start looking a year in advance of a purchase.

Meantime, after the sale, it’s better to follow up with email, reminding the client of what good service he was given, and opportunities to provide positive feedback on that service, and be of future service. Never mind, providing feedback on the market, housing price increases, whether it’s time to buy or sell, etc.

Meantime again, people tend to move every five years, and if you’ve kept in touch, you’ll be the one the seller/buyer calls, because of the relationship developed around email.

BTW, five years of emails, sent once a month, is only sixty emails… The same emails can be used over and over and across you entire email list without any customizing in the meantime, if the information/reminders remain ‘evergreen.’

Email then can be used to keep your name in front of future, current, and previous clients …because any of them can become repeat clients.


For those who don’t understand how this email series work, you can write up several followup emails ( a year’s worth…) and schedule the emails to be sent automatically, using an auto responder (either through the MLS, or an independent outfit like aweber or infusionsoft), for as long, and as often as you want.

I am not too sure about E Mail marketing.A lead who is looking to buy will only buy once.I mean if you have a lead, would you waste time sending him weekly E mails and building a relationship rather than try to make a sale directly.In any case, he or she will not be a repeat customer in most cases.People buy real estate only once generally.Whats the point in E mail marketing then.Just my thoughts.

Aren’t you interested in referrals for new listings? How about referrals to new buyers?

How much effort does it take to write 12 emails? That’s once a month, for a year?

Following up on happy clients, opens the doors to other potential clients; both buying and selling. However, you have to ask for them, and perhaps provide incentive to actually spread the word about you.

Perhaps the reason that your past clients only represent one deal to you, is that you’re blowing them off once you get paid, and they’re no longer useful to you?

That client is gonna sell that house …again …through somebody. Shouldn’t it be through you?

Your Buyers List should have 3 Touch POints

  1. Email Blast
  2. Voice Blast
  3. Text Blast

Emails often do not get delivered to to certain words in these email that they go to spam.


If you are sending the

If your email campaign recipients are your potential customers than yes Email Marketing can help you to generate leads. There is no use of sending mail to those who are not even interested to open your email.

Online marketing is an effective way to increase the leads but e-mail marketing could irritate the clients.

E-mail marketing is a great way to generate business, but of course the key is what you are writing in the e-mail
and who are you mailing the e-mail to.