How does this deal look ?

It’s a two family selling for $150,000, Retail value is 500,000. I have a cash buyer willing to take a look at it.His buying price is 200,000-250,000. Does it look like a good deal. Also how do I get him to pay closing cost and title search.

What repairs are needed? How sure are you of the value?

A 500k property listed @ 150k doesn’t usually last too long on the market. I’d jump on it if your numbers are correct…

Closing costs are part of the negotiations. I always sell my deals at a net price to me, so my buyers are responsible for all closing costs. I just tell them that is how I sell my deals, and I rarely get any objections…

Steph :cool

We need A LOT more information before I can even offer any advice.

Is the retail value ,actual comps that have sold recently?

We need a lot more info to be able to give you an informed opinion.

If you have a cash buyer, great, sell it to them.

That’s what matters most, a buyer.