How Does This Bandit Sign Grab You......???

“Mortgage Bailout Solutions”
call xxx-xxx-xxxx

Target audience: People looking to modify or short sale

I’m thinking about putting this on a post card too and mailing out to pre-foreclosures. I have a digital phone at work and can capture numbers.

I’ll have a “know your options FREE report” for them to call.

To me is sounds way too generic, especially if you list an “1-800” number on the sign. I never bother calling those 1-800 numbers as their usually just an obnoxious sales pitch, but if you’re just trying to capture phone numbers, maybe it’ll work…

I was thinking the same thing Jake it’s too generic. Do something that other investors don’t do when it comes to bandit signs the simple 1-800 sign has been done to death.

Get creative and you will get much better response.

Even though bandit signs are suppose to be by definition shotgun advertising. The message as to be somewhat targeted. I would also change up the word an make it stand out. In my bandits signs,I’m no longer using “WE BUY HOUSES”. It’s just too overplayed and generic.

How about “Foreclosure Assistance Available”
call: xxx-xxx-xxxx

I like “Mortgage Bailout Solutions” and “Foreclosure Assistance Available” it’s quick easy and to the point but, MichaelQuarles I like that very catching $5000.00. Here my 2 cent

Avoid Foreclosure
U have Options
call: xxx-xxx-xxxx

End your PROBLEM!!!
Superman is here to save the day!!


I wrote a book detailing 101 marketing strategies for an investor… You have to grab their attention fast and don’t let go…

We are so bombarded with stimulation that your message better be to the point and easy to remember…

I completely agree with you Michael. It’s very helpful. Mostly you have to be creative and Contingency should be part of your strategy of marketing your business.

it’s like having less than a minute to grab their attention, if you haven’t done it with your Signage, you failed to have a better market…