How does notarizing work?

I was wondering how I get things notarized?

Lets say its a warranty deed. Does the seller AND myself have to be there when it is notarized?

If this is not the same thing as being recorded then what is the purpose of notarizing?

Notarization is verification that you are who you say you are. The Notary looks at your ID, verifies your signature and testifies that you are who you say. You each can appear before a different notary, as long as both signatures are notarized.

Recorded is the act of having the document put into the county’s permanent land records.

Oh okay. So it IS different. Are notaries at the courthouse? How much are they usually?

Is there a standard type of ID needed?

Thanks MC!

Find notaries at banks, UPS store, even some grocery stores. $15 -$20 wouldn’t be unreasonable. Banks may do it for free if you bank there. Take your DL.

$15 to $20 would be highway robbery where I live.

If you are a customer at a bank, they should be able to do it for free.

If you go to the UPS Store (at least here), they charge $2 per signature.

If you’re the one getting the property, you don’t need to sign the deed.