How do you wholesale out of state?

This may be a dumb question, but can you wholesale out of state? if so how? do you need a seperate list of investors for each state? or use ones that work nationwide?


if they are local then you can just wholesale properties and not do anything else. they should know what they are doing and don’t need any hand holding.

if out of state then you have to offer them turn key services potentially… such as property management, rehab, ect.

of course you could have an out of town buyer that has all the resources because they have done prior deals

hope that helps

so I don’t need to do this in person? If I find a lawyer in that particular state to handle everything? also what is turn key services and why do I have to offer that?

I would call the local local real estate investment group and ask them for a recommendation

turn key - you are offering them the property for sale and also putting in their hands all the resources that they need to successfully execute their exit strategy

for example = if they are going to keep the property as a rental property then you would have for them a property management company that you have pre-screened and can help them

turn key because if you are trying to get out of state people into an area that they have never invested in then you need to offer them a little bit of hand holding.

if you are dealing with an established investor in that area, and are selling them properties, then you don’t have to do that. Since they are in the local area they probably have access to all those vendors

If you haven’t done this in your own area yet you should do so before trying to do it across the country. Learn the mechinics first, walk before you can run.

I have done this in my area. There is not alot of opportunity in my small town.

where are you located?

what is the population size

in cecil county maryland. im not sure what the population is. I know there is alot of activity in the baltimore area however that is over 1 1/2 hours from me.