Hello Everyone,

I wanted to know which investors does short sales?

I’m asking because I’m trying to figure out how do I sell a house retail after the short sale was accepted!

I know the p[erson who you are selling it to, if they get a loan their bank won’t allow it.

I know there is a way to sell to someone who is getting a loan.


I would think that you wouldn’t have a problem doing a short sale then selling the house at retail. The bank already agreed to the discount and so did the homeowner. Just make sure you secure your right to the equity. See the difference would be if you did a note sale as far as I know. Then you got a short on the note from the bank. And unless your working with the homeowner which ususally isn’t the case in a note sale you would have to foreclose on that note to take possession of property. Then you could sell it at retail.

I’m trying to understand your response!!

If you do a short sale and want to do a double closing; the buyers bank won’t let you use their money to pay off the other bank!

I know if you buy the note you can sell it retail.

Maybe I didn’t ask the questions right.

I want to know how can I sell a house that I just got the Short Sale approved to a first time home buyer; without buying it myself?

Like doing a double closing!!!


Are you asking a “what if” question, or do you actually have a short sale contract right now?

The reason I ask is because lenders will usually only short sale for a couple of reasons. One, the loan amount is higher than current FMV of the property. Two, the property needs alot of repairs, thus lowering it’s current value lower than the current loan amount.

If it’s one, then usually they will only short to FMV or close, so it’s usually not a deal for an investor. If it’s two, then it going to take some fixup before you can retail it and so, you’ll have to close on it anyway.


No I’m not asking a “What If” Question"

The bank already accepted my offer(s).

They will discount it a lot under certain situations.

These are the deals

ARV: 140
Repairs: 25

My Offer: 45

ARV: 130
Repairs: 20

My Offer 55

Does anyone know the answer to my question?

They will discount it a lot under certain situations.

Yep, and in case anybody missed it, you shorted them under reason number two: lots of repairs. If your repair costs are 15%-20% or higher of your estimated ARV, then it’s alot of repairs.

Also as stated, if the properties are in need of that much repair, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find a retail buyer before you are required to close the properties.

If you’re concerned about selling to a buyer with financing, then find them financing where the lender doesn’t care about seasoning. Seasoning is the only reason a lender wouldn’t loan on these properties.

Hope it helps, but maybe I’m still not reading the question right.


You might have to actually close on this yourself and turn around and sell it to someone else. Once they have accepted your offer, they usually don’t want to see that you’ve sold it to someone else that is the reason for the double close. Banks will also take financing for a short sale but it has to come from the person that was originally on the purchase agreement.

When you sell you probably would not get the retail value because it needs to be fixed up. But if your just trying to wholesale and not do anything to the property, you might want to find someone to lend you the money close on the transaction and turn around and sell it right back. Usually you might want to try and find another investor to sell it to if you don’t want to fix up the place. There are some programs out there that would loan people money based on the after repair value.

Another thing, If you don’t have the money you might try and find a cash investor who would bring the funds to the table for you (the amount of the shortsale + what you want for the deal) and do a double close.

Hope this helps

Good Luck