How do you market to 1st time buyers???

It seems that a large percentage (approx 80%) of buyers lately are 1st time home buyers. What are the best ways to locate 1st time buyers?

We tried a mailer to apartment complexes surrounding a house that we renovated. We didn’t have much success but I thought it was a great idea. Anyone had any luck with a campaign like this?
PS - We also just sold our last house which began with a call from a Facebook ad.

First time buyers are mostly young, Internet might be a good way to increase market awareness. Plus, they mostly have a lower income compared with those who are experienced and also elder, add a phase < low DP and interest rate >( if no DP the effect will increase geomatrically )

I think that however you can get them to start visualizing living in their own home is the best way. This could be accomplished through a variety of means.