HOW do YOU make over $200,000 per year FLIPPING or WHOLESALING ???

If you are a full time investor and you make over $200,000 per year flipping or wholesaling, how long did it take you to get to that point? What type of marketing do you use in your business?
How many properties per year do you flip or wholesale?

I’m just trying to get a feel for this business and what other full time investors are experiencing. Thank you for your time. :beer

200,000 a year wholesaling is not tough if you focus on wholesaling and nothing else. 200,000 a year works out to 3-4 houses a month netting 5,000. If you expand your market respectively and get as many investors as you possibly can in your database and make many offers a day it is possible. Only thing that is limiting is the number of hours in a day for one person.

I have not made 200k this year flipping and wholesaling but I am at about $140,000 so far so I am assuming I will get there my goal is by august. I wouldnt say that its easy, but it is possible, if I can do it anybody can.

:cool YES YES it can be done and all you have to do as a wise and old man once said to me ( my father) work your craft and know it and it will make you all the money you need !!!

These questions pop up from time to time and I really don’t understand the reasoning unless it’s simply because the person doesn’t understand the nature of going into business for themselves.

What someone else makes or how long it took them to get there is completely irelevant to whether YOU can do it or how long it will take YOU to do it. Even if someone would give you the exact plan that they followed to get to where they are today, it doesn’t mean that you would get there, too. Besides different times, different markets, there is also the biggest difference of all, the person.

You can make $200K/year with lemonade stands IF you have the drive, determination, and the vision to make it happen.


If you are making $20k a year work 10 times harder or do bigger deals!

Ah, Rich, that was part of my point.

Asking what someone else did to make $200K isn’t the right question. If you’re wanting to gauge how best to be a success for you, then the question should be ‘what did you do to be a success?’

Everyone’s ideas of success, or goals, or different. What if someone IS making $200K a year BUT is working 20 times harder than the guy making $20K/year (or $50K or $100K)? Which plan would you want to follow?

Just because someone only makes X amount doesn’t mean that they aren’t a success, or successful. It may only mean that they’re doing exactly as much business as they want to do.


I think the reason people might ask questions like that, is so they know who is doing what they know, rather than knowing what to do, there are far too many people that pass out advice on things that they have heard or read, rather than things that they have done.

I guess it all depends on the intentions of asking the question. 200k is something concrete that does not vary from person to person. Success on the other hand varies tremendously by who you are talking to.

Everybody on the forum is a success at what they want to do, some people are just very successful at things like watching tv, or drinking beer.(I have had small bouts of success in the beer realm.)

Success comes from within and most of the time is nothing more than setting rules for yourself that are reachable. I am successful by alot of peoples definitions because I make 150k+ in real estate, but I have days where I dont feel successful because I want to make 300-400k. I have learned to manage my definitions of success, so now I feel successful everytime I am doing something that moves me closer to my goal rather than further away.

Enough rambling, I know.

:beer I, too, have been successful at drinking beer. However, that’s drinking Miller Lite. The fact that I drink Miller Lite at all may very well be considered powerfully unsuccessful to the beer snobs of the world.

I guess the original question has something to do with feasibility. Like “I want to quit my job and do this full time. But I make 200K a year at my full time job. Is that even possible with real estate?” Of course the answer is yes. And if it’s “not possible” then maybe the person for whom it is not possible needs to re-evaluate what they’ve been doing wrong. Nearly everything is possible. Frankly, everything is IMpossible too. All that matters is how you deal with the feelings that something is impossible in order to make it possible, feasible and an ultimate reality. We hold ourselves back in so many ways and it is up to us to break the chains. “Hi, I’m Anthony Robbins…”

Now you have me rambling.

  1. Three years, and I’m a retard.

2.Newspaper adds, direct mail,bird dog,networking,biz cards.and TV commercials next month.

3.Every year is different on quantity. First year one/93k second year 2/140k 3rd year 3/210k 4th year 12/too many toys, 5th year 4 so far/ 105k.

More money doesn’t mean you should have to do more work. Work smarter, not harder.

I love REI because it appeals to my nature. It’s not work to me. Add to the fact that through it I have found my dream home and it continues to provide the lifestyle to which my hubby, son and I are accustomed, I am gloriously happy.

I’ve made $200K this month already. Not like I was trying, but I sure wasn’t trying not to!

I’m a super newbie. Have yet to do my first deal BUT I LOVE REI. It is so extremely cool. And it’s fun. I love tracking down owners and trying to come up with solutions to their problems. And I find the different aspects to be super interesting. And frankly, what else will allow you to make 10K so easily?

200K? in 1 Month? So far this Year? Either Or…excuse me while i go outside and hit myself in the head with a hammer :bash :shocked

LMAO. I have the buyers in place and it’s up to me to find the deals. I also have a kick ass birddog that I treat very well. I’ve never been happy just doing the minimum. When I first got into this I thought I’d be happy with $20K a month. I must have been nuts.

So you mean to tell us that you went from RE newbie, that you
stated in March, to making $200k/month?

Basically, yes. I do have a background in business and a flexible schedule when I started maybe that helped. I did $100k my first month, $50k my second, $200k my 3rd. It goes up and down as you can see.

and what types of deals are you pulling off?

Sounds impressive.

I’ve birgdogged ONCE. I’m a quick study and that was the first and LAST time I was going to do the majority of the work and receive a pittance.

I have great buyers and I’m not afraid to make some money. I also live in a very lazy city (Los Angeles). I get the deals other people don’t because I go that extra step. I am not scared to go knock on a door or make a phone call.


What type of deals are you doing to be making $200k/month?

working pre-foreclosures?


I do everything, whatever I happen to come across. Vacant properties, foreclosures, REOs, etc. I wholesale and double close.

You DO know that decaf is just as tasty as regular, don’t you? :shocked