How do you make an offer?

I know this question is vague but all I want to do is break the ice. How do I approach the seller? Should I be professional? Should I be laid back? I figure that this is a numbers game and I need to make as many offers to as motivated sellers as I can find but this is the place where I find myself stuck.

Howdy kennyvg:

Just be yourself. I prefer jeans and sport shirts and even shorts in the summer. It is hard when you are new and nervious and it will show. Just try to be cool and relaxed as much as possible. Some sellers are so motivated that they will make it easy for you. They will say stuff like we know the house could be worth this much but we need to move this weekend and we need moving money. Give us $2500 or so and the house is yours.

It is important to get to know the folks before shoving an offer in front of them. I do not like pushy people wh kind of cram stuff down your throat. Try to meet somewhere friendly and comfortable like their living room. It may be filthy but it is their home and they feel at ease there.

I do not know what else to add. I like to joke around with folks too much and perhaps to a fault but that is just my nature. Maybe some humor but do not hire Jim Carrey to make offers for you.

Thanks Ted I will keep all of that in mind!!!