How do you know if your in a "hot" market ?

I am trying to wholesale in Dayton, OH although I have gotten a few houses under contract I am having a difficult time with finding buyers ? Is anyone familiar with the Dayton market ? Is the Ohio market so depressed investors are looking in other states ? How do I know if I am wasted my time here and should focus on another market ?

You could start by talking to local real estate agents. Find out what the average days on market is for different neighborhoods, which neighborhoods sell best, which neighborhoods are transitioning (where rehabbing the house brings a significant jump in value).

Also, network with local real estate investors. Find out what they are looking, what neighborhoods they are buying in, and what purchase price and other criteria they need properties to meet. “You get what you want by giving your buyers what they want” (can’t remember who said it first and I am paraphrasing a little). You need to find out what your buyers and then go get it for them.

from what I’ve seen, the primary driver of a hot market is the job market. That includes job growth as well as earning capacity growth. these two measures won’t tell you what will happen this year or even next year, but if you’re in for the long term then they will serve you well.

I wholesale out of California and when I get a good deal on a house I can sell them fast. I have a few bird dogs in Ohio and have come across some insane deals in Toledo and Cincinatti. I was marketing these deals in the larger cites all over the country including Ohio. I was really surprised that I never even got one call. Nobody it seems is interested in buying properties in Ohio and it doesnt matter how cheap the properties are there. Maybe I was in the wrong areas, maybe the job market there sucks. I know a girl that buys notes and she says nobody will buy notes in Ohio also.
So for now I will concentrate in other states.

I have seen this many times where people say to network with other investors. I was wondering, why would other investors want to tell me where they are investing, etc.? Wouldn’t that increase their competition? I am in the same boat as I own multiple properties that generate a positive cash flow but I want to look into flipping.