How do you guys find most of your deals?

Just curious, Which method find you guys most of your deals?

1)Business Cards,Bandit signs saying you buy houses.

2)Driving around finding vacant houses.



5)Real Estate Agent.

Feel free to add if i missed anything.


Actually we use an agent in southeast part of FL who is very good. We basically give him our criteria and go from there. He has much greater access to the information needed to make better decisions.

the last 10 deals that I have done were

5 from realtors that called when the banks were ready to drop in price.

3 from calling we cash for your house people (2 weeks ago I picked up a 26,000 duplex worth 55k, that rents for $1000/mo from a cash for your house guy. he used a back to back closing and got the house for $16,000 then sold to me for 26,000, I will fix it and sell it for $65k. He made 10k in 15 mins using none of his own money. He was happy I was happy.

2 weeks prior to that we closed with the end user on a home I picked up for $50,500 then sold on 6 month option to him for 64,000, he sold to an end user for $83,000. I made about 12-13k for about 2 hrs work, he did good as well.

2 HUD homes

I have found networking with realtors and cash for your house people to be the best, but I honestly havent had to do anything more than that

Eric Medemar

We’ve done three houses. Two were through my realtor, who only deals with REOs. The third was from a letter that I sent to a homeowner asking if they were interested in selling.

I think bandit signs here have lost their effectiveness due to overuse. Everytime Nouveau Riche graduates a course, we get tons of those signs along with the “apprentice” signs.

So far, Google AdWords and a paid lead generation service have brought the majority of deals.

Has anyone tried Realtytrac. I’m wondering if thier experience has been similar to mine.

If your experience was that it was “trash”, then yes…


Seconded, with conviction.

Thats about it…are any others worth their salt?

Where are you located? In Atlanta, we’re fortunate to have Best $75/month you’ll ever spend.

You might have a service like this for your area. I’d email EquityDepot and see if they know of a similar service in your part of the world.

I’m in Maryland in the Washington DC suburbs. I’ll check it out perhaps they have someting in this area.

Anybody familiar with rehablist?

does anyone have a good website for texas

Birddogs is #1. Other investors in our local clubs would be #2.