How do you get a property in contract exactly?

I need to know how you get a property in contract exactly.
I want to make sure i’ve done it right,before i talk to a home owner.
I want to come off the bat looking like i’m a pro.
please advise.thanks[b][/b]

Howdy JannahBin2:

Make an offer using the forms provided thru the Realtors in your area or get them from a title company, lawyer. or even on line from your real estate commission. Once the offer is accepted by the seller the property is considered to be under contract. You or the seller will take the contract to the title company and give them the earnest money. Some states actually do not have title companies and use attorneys to close the deal.

Thats about it, actually very simple, you may have to offer and then get a counter offer and counter back, especially if you are dealing with an out of town owner or thru Realtors. It can be a lot of fun.

Hope this helps answer your question

[b][/b]Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

It is not practical to think you can come off the bat looking like a pro. As with everything else it takes practice. You may sound like a fool a few times but it gets easier as you go.

Yes you are right ,thank you ;D

One idea is to find a real estate school or the Board of Realtors in your area that offer classes that will teach you the real estate basics and to fill out contracts. One class in Texas is less that $150.00. Not a bad investment.