How do you find your deal?

What is the most effective marketing method? Newspaper? bandit signs? mailing lists…

Thanks for the input.

I think all 3 are viable, if you have the cash to try all three avenues do it. If you don’t have much cash and you’re just starting out bandits are cheap, few hundred bucks for a hundred signs where you would only get a few days in the news paper or a few hundred peices of mail out for the same price. As you get going all 3 should be employed to keep the leads coming. I personally would go bandits, then direct mail, then newspaper. Bandits get a lot of leads, direct mail gets a bunch but with more cost involved, newspaper doesn’t get too many so it should be last but its not completely a waste as most people that use it claim it only brings a few deals a year but its more than enough to cover the cost many times over.

I wouldn’t focus on just one method. Do as much as you can comfortably afford. This is a numbers game when it is all said and done. The more activity you have, the higher the responses/leads.