How do you find out what someone really owes on their house?

Exactly what the question says!

It’s according to the situation.If they have to sell for certain reasons( facing foreclosure,job transfer,etc,etc.) then you probably want have a problem finding out when you ask them,but if they dont need to sell and there wanting full marke value then you’ll probably get an answer something like this"That’s none of your da#n business!".Find out first why they need to sell,then you can avoid getting the second answer.

Go to the courthouse deed office. There are computers you can conduct searches on. Put in the homeowner’s name and all the info on the property will be there. You have to pull up the documents and review, but you can see what loans have been taken out on the house. If you don’t know the homeowner’s name go to the tax assesor’s office first and input the address. That will show the homeowners full name.

There is further research needed for a complete title search, but that will give you a good picture of things quickly.