How do you find luxury home buyers

That is the question?

If you are person with no personal connections to those in the market for a luxury home how do you get buyers for your luxury home auctions? Where would you market in Texas, and how would you get direct contact with atleast someone’s personal assistant or secretary?

Major companies are always relocating their exects. Contact the HR dept of these major companies and ask for a fax #. Fax them what you have.
In addition, if they happen to have any High end homes available for exects moving, you may be in a postion to pick those up.

I would go the easy route - contact real estate agents in your area who specialize in luxury homes. These agents have extensive advertising and marketing presence in place to find just who you are looking for. Yes, you’ll have to pay a commission, but in my opinion, buyer’s agents are worth every penny for their efforts.

Kary Aycock