What’s the best way to find Bird Dogs in my local area. I’m buying and rehabbing properties. I would like to crank up to 3 deals a month but don’t have the time to hunt down the properties.
Thanks in advance for the advice!

Try recruiting from a local college or similar location. An ad in the paper saying you pay finders fees for information about the types of properties your looking for. You’d probably want the ad in the employment section of the paper since school is out for most colleges and high schools and that cheap labor will be looking for jobs.

Danny - that is a great idea that you have.

For true bird dogs I like to see those people that haven’t done a deal yet, but seem motivated to make a go of it at local REI Clubs.

I agree, people interested in RE investing and looking to get a foot in the door are excellent bird dogs. However, just about anyone can pick out the uncharacteristically ugly properties for a rehab. For that reason I wouldn’t discount anyone as a strong possibility.

Another thing that I do but forgot to mention is try recruiting people that drive around a lot as is. (UPS delivery drivers, Postal carriers, Pizza Delivery) next time you see one get them interested in making a little extra money by just jotting down an address.

how much time do you spend researching those addresses? Is there a book you recommend that details what to do with the address? I’m working 2 rehabs at the same time and that takes up all my time. I’ve enlisted a guy to bird dog for me full-time. What books would you recommend - or courses?

I don’t know of any courses or books. I would have your current bird dog make up flyers or postcards and transform into your bird dog manager or “Investment Analyses” to filter out the bad leads. Word will get around that someone pays cash for good leads on ugly properties and before you know it you’ll be doing 10-20 deals a month passively. With a full staff to figure out everything.

check out Barry Grimes bird dog or jobbing course on this site

what city and state are you looking for deals in???

I am in Houston TX.

There should be some property wholesalers in your area. It may be a good idea to attend a Real Estate Investors association meeting in your area to meet wholesalers. You can always “google” for them as well.