How do you find ARV?

How do you find the ARV for a home if the county assessors office is not on-line and the state does not allow anyone but a licenced realtor to have access to prior sales, and you live 2000 miles away,and if you put in 3bed 1 bath no min. /no max. at you get prices from $5k to $500k? Other than calling a realtor and bugging the crap out of them till they get frustrated and start making up #s.thinking you’ve either lost your mind or are just calling people to be a pain in the A**phathoming that you will never buy a home 2000 miles away ? HELP PLEASE ;D


Not an exact science, but sometimes just to get a general (and I mean very general) I’ll go to the real estate section of a newspaper’s website if we’re talking about a major metropolitan area and look at the recent closing costs of homes sold. I do this around Chicago and especially the suburbs I grew up in as I know those areas and even the streets pretty well. I don’t know if this could is good enough to even be called a poor man’s comp, but I’ve been able to find some good info.


I don’t understand why the county assessors office is not letting you have access to prior sales ???
Isn’t that suppose to be public record?

Howdy Carolann:

Texas is a non disclosure state where the public does not have to disclose the sales price. The appraised value is available on line in larger counties but not where Campbellgroup wants to play. He could call their office but that too is a pain and does not really give a true picture of the market value. They do have major lists of sales comps as I have seen when fighting the appraised value they came up with on some of my properties in the past. Sometimes you have to use the asking prices of houses on the but adjust this down at least 5% in a lot of areas.

Guess I got spoiled with the MLS and forgot about that detail. :-[

Sorry Campbellgroup,…If you ever want to play in the South Texas area, there is someone who would be happy to pull some comps for you :wink:

Perhaps I am missing something, however I just used’s free arv and recieved thier estimated value and three comps on a place in Tx. and Ca,