How do you figure out closing costs

i have a property that im getting for 1.00 dollar and this is not a misprint and there are no liens or taxes owed i was wondering how i would figure what the closing costs would be thanks as always

Attorney, Title Search, Title Insurance, Liability Insurance if rehabbing or Homeowners Insurance, filing fees for docs, confirm property taxes are paid (if not they need to be pro-rated or back taxes paid), as this will be part of closing.

Of course, depends on where you live, but assuming property taxes are paid, I can’t see it being anymore than $1000.

The best thing is to check with your escrow company or whoever you use for closing where you live. Different parts of the country have different costs so I wouldn’t even try to tell you what they would be.
Good luck,

You’re looking at less than $300 depending on your state.

thanks for all the replies

I’ll buy it from you for 2.00 and I’ll pay all closing cost!!! :beer