How do you do a mailer to find Motivated Sellers? what list to use?

How do you do a mailer to find Motivated Sellers?someone said carrier route? How do get a list? to Wholesale to?

I can get a daily print out from my title company NODS and trustee sales what list do i mail to and what do i say?

If you can get a daily print out from your title company NODS and trustee sales, then you already got your list.

Are you targeting pre-foreclosures?

What do you say in your letters? You simply say what you have on your signature. Nothing complicated at all. Just get those letters out.

I thought nods are prefores? which list do i mail to are both?

why would you spend time dealing with pre-foreclosures in today’s market? Most private owners owe way too much their houses to make a deal work. REO’s and free and clear houses are the way to go for now.

Find free and clear houses by getting a list of owners that have purchased 20-30 years ago from a list service of sales genie or by getting a realtor to pull a list from the tax records for you.

why would a realator give me that list ? cant he/she use it?

Become friends with one. After awhile she’ll work with you eagerly. The realtor can use it, but most have no idea as to how

so i have the NOD list and a Trustee sale list which list do i mail to and what iam looking for or is it a wste of time?

Hassansr, what are sales genie ?.

Why not mail to both lists?

It depends on what your business model is going to be. You have to define first what business model you’re going to do. Buy and hold; Hold and rent; Quick turns; whatever. Then, determine what area you want to focus in. Let’s say you decide you want to Quick turn and you want to focus on the preforeclosure market because you have access to a FREE list. Great. What will your exit strategy be? Once you buy a house how will you sell it? These are some of the things you’ll want to be able to answer.

Then, mail to any list you can get for FREE and fits within your marketing budget. Remember, it’s better to hit 1000 people 5 times in a mailing than to hit 5000 people just 1 time. The repetition will help your name stick in your prospects mind. It takes an average of 5-7 contacts to get them to call you, so plan your budget accordingly.

Preforeclosures/NOD’s are a good market if you’re interested in doing short sales. In SOME markets they are also a good list for sub2 deals, but if you’re in an overleveraged market then you may have to do a short on a 2nd mortgage and take over 1st sub2.

You can usually get Free & Clear lists at your county recorders office. You’ll be looking for seller’s that have owned home for 20+ years. That will give you a good list. Keep in mind though. With Free & Clears there isn’t the motivation that there is with foreclosures. They take a lot longer to call you initially, and a lot longer to make a decision to move. However, the deals can be structured in a way that you will make great money.

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I usually find a way to get expired listings for REO’s.

then I bombard them with offers.

100 offers 13 look seriously, 3-4 close at REALLY good discounts.

Lately, though I’ve stumbled onto some great deals through private sellers of Bulk REO’s tapes.

Some cool stuff there. I just bought a house in Dallas, TX for $19.5K in a nice neighborhood. ARV was 94K with 15k in work.

I’ve got a list of some available stuff on my site if you want to take a look.


Have fun!


Jason S. Gray

Hey Guys,
I am new to the site today and have found some very helpful advice! My name is CJ Reed and I work the Dallas Ft Worth Texas area. Is there anyone out there from my area? I would love to pick some brains on getting my Direct Mail started!

Hope everyone is having a profitable day!

I totally agree. With today’s long foreclosing and short sale processing delays most homeowners are NOT motivated or have incentive to do anything but just do nothing and stay in their house. Let these go to auction and put in offers to the bank once they take em back. The BANKS are motivated more so than the homeowners.

Go with the trend not against it.


Flip away ! :beer

Easiest source of supply today is REOs

Sorry homeowners. I’ll put up bandit signs for you but you will have to call me - expect no letters from me. Waste of time.

how about this - “Strategic Door Knocking”

Ingredients Needed:

  1. Business Cards (with your picture on it and referral reward offer)
  2. Your magnetic, dynamic, likeable & beautiful self
  3. Flyer or Door Hanger for nobody home (optional)

Door knock the Free n Clears and/or Expireds in foreclosure prone areas and give them your Business cards. Get in their face so they know you.

Tell them you are looking to buy house(s) in their hood (or you r inquiring about a specific perhaps vacant house in the hood) and that you pay a generous referral fee (which by the way should be on your business cards so they KEEP it)

Plant the seeds in your farm area - IN PERSON. Goes a long way. Who are they going to call when they are ready or know somebody who is? YOU! Why not?! They met and like you already - why look for somebody new?!

You are basically killing two birds with one stone here. They keep card and may call you later but in the meantime they may refer some pre-foreclosure deals to you while you wait for them to sell. :biggrin