How do you check for a lien on a prop?

How do you check for a lien on a prop. And how do you place a lien on a prop?

depends what state youre in …i fortunatley have a hook up with a friend who works for a lien search company here in florida so for a few bucks he checks it out

you place a lien by filing a judgement against the property owner

Wisconsin has a Curcuit Court website for public access. Find out if your state has this or some counties place them directly in the register of deeds records system. I usually have to check both the courthouse and the online record system.
Maybe try typing your state and court system in google and see if you get a hit on it. Might have to dig a little to find something, but worth a shot. Look for anything that might lead you to case searches.

Hi Gina, I’m aware of the Wisconsin Circuit Court’s website and find a lot of good info on it, There appear to be a lot of different types of lien’s, which class code do you use to search for real estate lien’s? Also, what part of Wisconsin are you in? I’m just east of Madison.


Hi Justin,
Yea, that site is excellent to find liens. I am an abstractor and use it for all my title searches in Wisconsin. I never distinquish the codes however and search a name including all. It’s just faster to pass over the TR for traffic and CT for criminal. The rest are factors in liens. Normally I start at judgments since they are docketed and final. These are the most important. I use simple searches and look for satisfactions and closed cases for the elimination, and print out all open or unsatisfied cases.
As for probate, it can be important since it may show some inheritance or money your client is involved in. Just good to know exactly where they are financially.
Hope this is what you were asking.

BTW…forgot to mention I’m from Central Wisconsin, and work anywhere from Appleton up to the Wausau area. Not sure how it compares to Madison in foreclosures, but it’s certainly got it’s fair share of opportunities. I like to do wholesaling, so I’m always on the lookout for rehabbers and investors.