How do you buy bulk REO Properties?

I’m looking to buy bulk REO,Foreclosure properties.

In what area’s? How many?

California , san bernardino, riverside, and los angeles county. I perfer to stay in san bernardino county.

I am interested in this as well. My properties would be in the KC, Missouri area.
Also interested in buying in a newly formed corporations name if possible.

What you are doing here is a good start. Unfortunatley I dont know of any players on the west coast, but I know they are everywhere. There another forum you should go to for this. It’s called bigger pockets and there are a ton of investors from CA. If you make the same post, you will be overwelled with responces for brokers, ivestors etc with bulk REO.

If you ever decide to puchase Bulk REO in fl, let me know.

Good luck.

I have access to bulk properties and non performing notes throughout the US. There are minimum amounts that you need to buy but they are available. :cool