How do you become a HML?

Thanks for your replies. CC

Wow… no one?

What type of resources do you have to offer and what type of deals are you interested in working with?
What amount are you interested in utilizing to began streams of offers to coming to you ( may not be needed, depending on what types of deals you are interested in)

this just makes it easier for me to make my suggestions.

Most HML that I know of are direct lenders. They simply have a lot of money and loan it out directly. They keep the note and realize the interest in a few months.
Two Step to HML:
1.) Make a lot of money
2.) Make loans from with your money

Lawyers and CPAs should be able to work out the rest.

Danny, Ryin, thanks. Seemed like there are a number of smaller investors who need help getting up and running. I don’t have a “lot” of money… under 10k.

I have fully decided on wholesaling. I was looking at a passive piece to add to my business. At thispoint, I will only add rentals with property management. I don’t want to deal with tenants.