how do u turn $10 in to fortune

i saw a lot of tv ads and i was wondering how do u turn $10 in to a lot of money can u guys give ne the scoops?

Buy 10 mega lotto tickets!


Or just one ticket, then go get a value meal with the rest. Better yet, send me the $10, then I will tell you how to make a fortune…

Or you could buy 100 properties at 10 cents each at a tax sale and sell them for $100,000 each. I think I saw that on TV. That’s real… isn’t it?


C’mon Mike…I love tax sales ::slight_smile:

Buy a box full of paper clips, and keep trading up until you have a box full of houses.

…and a helicopter - including a pilot!


You can buy candy in bulk from Sam’s Club sell it for double, put a percentage of your earnings to the side and repeat until you can move on to bigger things like drugs… LOL

Hmmm… Let me make a note of that, lol ;D

How about bet on the horses or play poker maybe?

Those are some swell ideas there, I have a few more

Get yourself a “magic” marker and write “FORTUNE” on that $10 bill

there may be a way to use the $10 to spell out “FORTUNE” out with oragami but I can’t say for sure

If you give me that $10, I promise to tell you the secret to making a FORTUNE $10 at a time.

I can tell you how to do it for $0. Find a rich old man or lady, marry them, and make them happy until they die. Be sure you’re in that will and presto, FORTUNE

I’m sure there are lots of ways to do it. Those are probably the easiest though. Hmmm, why am I telling you all this. I have ten bucks in my wallet RIGHT NOW!!!

Seriously, I doubt the original poster will reply out of embarrasment but if they are reading this, they should know there are ways to make money without having any of your own. Putting a $10 figure on it is what really makes it rediculous. Try looking in the forum on bird dogs, wholesaling. And educate yourself because without education, you won’t make anything and are likely to lose your $10.

How about this…

Create cheap flyers (using $10 worth of paper) on your home printer. The flyer will tell people that you will teach them how they can turn $10 into a fortune if they give you LOTS of money.

my money is on the lotto tickets all day long. Anyways some great ideas, i’m actually looking for a sugar momma right now, preferrably between the ages 85-95. Any takers please post. 8)

Ruthless… Education!..Education! Find a mentor…and learn to be a sponge…and be patient. Keep it up, and never give up.