How do u overcome being Discouraged & Demoralized?

How Do You overcome being Discouraged and Demoralized in your pursuit of financial security?

In the past, when I’ve felt this way, it has usually been the result of a combination of the following things…

Focusing on too many issues at once.

Lacking focus; indulging in stress relieving things rather than goal-achieving things.

Eating poorly (starches, carbs, sugars) running blood sugar all over the map, becoming constipated which I’ve been told is a MAJOR cause of depression.

Rehearsing negative thoughts/memories. Failing to forgive others.

Not getting enough exercise. A fast, 2-mile walk is good therapy.

Not reducing tasks to a to-do list.

Not setting short/long term goals; not setting deadlines, and not closing the doors to all alternatives.

There’s a TON more reasons that might contribute to discouragement and demoralization, but these are the immediately solvable reasons (in my mind).

I’m not addressing major psychological events such as disappointments, deaths, or setbacks that require time to deal with. Those are other issues.

Notwithstanding, firing ourselves as “Managers of the universe” and focusing more on what we can control (which isn’t really a whole lot if you think about this hard enough); eating correctly; avoiding negative people and situations (where you have the option) and forgiving the rest of them; getting in a 45-minute walk every day/morning; and finally writing down our goals; setting deadlines; and giving ourselves no alternatives will help force us to focus on what we can do, sift out what we can’t, and free our minds for constructive, empowering emotional energy.

Please forgive me for reducing this post to a quote, but I think it’s appropriate here…

The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don't define them, learn about them or even seriously consider them as believable or achievable.

Winners can tell you where they are going, what they plan to do along the way, and who will be sharing the adventure with them.

Anyway, hope this at least stirs some thought and isn’t hitting the ball into left field.


Stay focused on “THE WHY” you need/want financial security in the first place.

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You know financial security will not occur overnight and for that matter will not occur without putting in the effort!

When I first started out I was working full time around a full load at college and rather than go out for pizza and beer I would spend my free time reading real estate course packages and learning all I could about real estate and putting time into managing and remodeling my own properties!

It took years and years to start building some security but building assets meant that I had more assets to risk on the next big deal and have lost everything more than once, but you pick your self up, dust your self off and start over again!

But to be successful in anything means putting the effort in and that could mean working a full time salaried position 45 or 50 hours a week and putting in 25 to 30 hours part time on real estate!

I have had young investors ask me “How do you become successful”? and the answer is to perservier, to put in undying effort regardless of the immediate outcome looking to a long term goal, you don’t quit until youv’e become successful no matter what!!

If it was not tough would it be worth doing???

You can do it so Good Luck,


All the other responses have been awesome.

I would only add to try and get some small successes to help motivate you.

If you break you larger goal down into smaller ones, then you can see how you are attaining your smaller goals. Makes you feel as if you are accomplishing things and on your way!

Simply consider the alternative…a lifetime of financial struggle, or at best financial mediocrity. If you give up that’ll be your story.

This is a great question in my opinion. Also, a question which could be answered in a million ways…

All I can speak for is myself and my own unique experiences as a man who’s tried his entire life to build enough money to live comfortably without having to work like a dog.

I’ve been discouraged and demoralized more times than I’d ever wish to remember. Sometimes downright depressed for weeks, sometimes months. I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to having stable personal finances in my life, and the one thing that always kept me going was a relentless desire to have a better life and remembering that it ain’t always gonna be easy.

The discouragement and demoralization is oftentimes the fire that forges one’s resolve into steel. Being vulnerable is part of human nature, but allowing our fears to get the better of us is the road to ruin.

The best way for me to overcome the negative is to do my best to imagine the positive and really feel it in my being and send that energy out into the Universe. The other main thing is making sure your goals and dreams are realistic and have at least a probable chance of effectuating.

I once read this book called the POWER PAUSE. The book changed my life. I highly recommend it to all my friends and family. It taught me about how to stay positive no matter what.

Hope some of this helps.

Go on a search for the unbiased truth about money it will clear a lot of things up. Read “The Truth In Money Book” and watch The Money Master Movie. And mediate and pray constantly and control your thoughts by only thinking one thoughts like I am wealthy. I worked for me become multi in less than two years!