How do pretentious places exist?

I live in Orlando. There are parts of Orlando that are dangerous at night. Sanford is just to the north, which can be very dangerous at night.

Close by Orlando, there’s a place called Winter Park. It’s streets are lined with expensive clothing stores, jewelry stores, stores that sell overpriced junk, and restaurants that charge was too much for food and drinks. (There’s also a place close by called Baldwin Park where I once bought a $7.00 glass of cranberry juice).

How do these place exist, seemingly isolated from the crime that exists just 10 miles away.

They even have their own fancy stoplights and the streets are paved with bricks.


And coming soon to the Orlando area, Redstarville! 

What typically happens as development grows a metropolitan area is older area’s are overlooked and in decline when buyers, tenants and business wants to be in a new upcoming area. Older area’s become run down and undesirable becoming dangerous at times and new area’s grow and prosper as business and bedroom communities spring up around it.

Just wait for the place you pay $15.00 for a glass of cranberry Juice? You really know it’s pretentious if someone asks whether you have any “Grey Poupon”?

You have to get out more, there are bad and good area’s all over the US.


I wish I had the money to start Redstarville.

Another thing I think I learned recently is that when investors get advanced, they build more than they buy. If there were a profitable building, why would the owner want to sell?

Hey rich people need a place to live too.

What you describe sounds like gentrification.

I read that Winter Park was founded by a wealthy northern business magnate. I spent one day there and saw two lawyers that have billboards all over town.

This is just one example of the type of things I do rather than hang bandit signs.

Have you heard of gentrification? It is a form of violence. In Florida the gentrification is probably disguised under a cloak of retirees and also women-owned business. What types of people do you see inside the “expensive clothing stores, jewelry stores, stores that sell overpriced junk, and restaurants that charge was too much for food and drinks”?

Why do you say women-owned businesses?

I will pay attention to the people next time I’m there. They just looked like normal people.

I have noticed areas of town where it is all female owned stores and shops and cafes. They must receive incentives from government grants or something, then they strong arm with women small business groups to take control of entire areas of town. I have noticed in my town at there are a few dozen women-only groups and most are for business networking and building.

The other day I asked a client how they afford to keep open swanky boutiques and cupcake shops and specialty boutiques. She said that most of the women have rich husbands and these wives just need something to do. Otherwise their stores could not last because these womens groups are gentrifying run down areas and it jacks up their rents in the process.

Go into the stores. Its probably some older married or divorced lady in there making homemade jewelry or other items that just do not look very profitable compared to the neaty renovated and charming property. Or a retired couple. I lived in Florida now Im in Georgia. Been there done that.

I also wondered how these businesses stayed open. Most of the time, the stores are empty.

Go live in New York City and then you will learn about gentrification.

I used to know a girl whose dad owns a good portion of the Meatpacking District. He is one of the largest landlords in NYC. Joseph Sitt. Ever heard of him? Tried to buy the Empire State Building three times.

No but those sound like interesting people.

Plain and simple. The reason posh botiques can stay in business is they are financed by people with money to burn. Lots of those boutiques are ran by women whos husbands have the money. Or their husbands died or they were divorced, and they inherited lots of money. It is a status symbol for the women to own a business and it helps them make friends or to just have their stake in the community.

Some of the women owned business do better. The posh restaurant cafes are expensive and can draw huge crowds lining up outside in the mornings with cute girls, and they do great business. I can not afford to try them myself. My dates know my financial situation and a cup of coffee is my limit. Im talking $2 coffee no frills or get lost haha. Some girls don’t mind others have nuclear meltdowns if i ask them to pay their own way.

But all I do is learn about real estate and try bettering my financial standing. Its really all I focus on. The point is that women have different intentions with business. Theirs is a different mindset. Im not saying its better or not but its just different. And its confusing for men since I am programmed to gather resources yet society is now rigged for women to gather money better then me.

Another common thing in New York City is to see groups of attractive women having lunch together eating $25 salads at restaurants. You know? They have nice clothes on like its date night and they sit there complaining they cant find a man. Meanwhile im walking by in shabby clothes, tired from working a low paying job, and wondering what my food stamp balance is.