How do large-scale wholesalers run their comps?

The types of wholesalers that send out 50,000+ letters/month.

The owner can’t possibly take that many calls, can he? Does his staff run the comps, look at the houses, and determine a fair offer?

That is skilled labor.


Sending out 50,000 letters is probable only 350 to 500 responses. This is about .65 to 1 percent response rate, we only run the comps on those responses or about 15 to 25 properties per day and might only get 15 to 25 property contracts per month.

Your not going to get 50,000 phone calls you would be lucky on 50,000 letters to get 350 to 500 calls in a month.

What’s wrong with the wholesaler running his or her own comps? The wholesaler actually doing some work???

No, it’s skilled people who are valued associates who make up the team who makes it happen!


“Only 15 - 25 property contracts per month,” so “only” $100,000/month or $1.2 million per year? Sounds good to me.

I’m probably just being lazy. But that’s still a lot for someone to do on their own.

The only “associate” I have at this point is a printer.

Would you recommend sending to the same list month after month? What’s the best way to target it? I noticed on my absentee owners list that I purchased has too many “Wells Fargo’s” in it.

I am purchasing the complete list from the property appraiser, which should be over 100,000 in this county alone.

If I wanted to go national, would this be possible?

Would I be expected to physically inspect all 350 calls that I get?

The problem with running that many comps is time. That wouldn’t leave me much of a life to do anything else.

I found my answer. I need to hire a virtual assistant.