How do investors find birddogs?

I want to work with an investor and be a birddog. I find deals all the time, it’s what I love to do. How can I be a birddog, or find a mentor or a coach?

To be a birddog for an investor you have to network with investors. Go to your local reia or to find local real estate investors networking events.

You could also get your license and list the properties.

I have my license and have joined a REI club! Just started selling real estate a couple months ago and haven’t heard from the REI club so don’t know how serious they are. I live in a city of less than 100k so there are probably not that many investors, I’ll just have to look for them I guess.

Have you tried Craigslist in your area?? Also what area are you in I might know someone been in this industry way to long.

Craigslist under the real estate section of your city is a good place to find them.

Look on Craigslist for investors looking for bird-dogs. I signed up 30 before taking my ad down, but only 7 really perform and bring the deals in.