How do I tell my investor.......?

I want to wholesale homes to the investor I am bird dogging for. I’m saying it’s been told it is better to have a buyer first when doing wholesales. Since this person is a buyer and I got the description of the houses this person is looking for, why not go for it? How do I go about telling this person my decision to go quit bird dogging for them and start wholesaling to them for a larger fee comapred to what they charge for bird dog services.


Gosh, I hope your investor is not charging you to bring him properties? lol  (I think what you meant to say was "Paying you" for bird dog services) 

That could be an interesting business; "Hey, would you like to be my Bird Dog? I will charge you to bring properties! It’s like charging for Bird Dog training $2995 for a thrilling 2 day seminar in Quail, South Dakota? Hm, somehow I am kind of thinking I will keep my day job!! lol

All right now that I had my fun and got it out of my system!

You tell them just like you just told us, or you ask them to join REI Club and tell them to read the bird dog, wholesaling and flipping properties section of the forums, and pay close attention to the “How do I tell my investor” posting!

Just be straight up with them, tell them what your doing and that you would like to keep your relationship with them, but you will be performing more of the due diligence in the deal, and negotiating a contract and would like to assign properties ready to go to them!


Of course the investor is not charging me to bring him properties.

I would tell him honestly I think I can make more money on my own. If you would like I’ll give you first shot at what I find. Business is business and moving ahead is what we are all trying to do. Well anyone with a brain. So be honest tell him your plan and go execute it.

I have had guys work for me in construction and go out on their own. Some steal jobs, some tell me up front and I give them work and wish them well. Unless your investor is some kind of %^$#@! then the leads you assign him are still going to make him money. He may even respect your desire to change your staion in life.

Good Luck.