How do I structure the close so that i get paid w/o transfering title to my LLC?

Regarding a SS Is there a way to get paid w/o the H/O deeding his house to my LLC?

Can I just charge a “consultation fee”?.. But for 25,000 dollars???

Is that right?

Or, is there another legitimate way of getting paid w/o having my LLC “own” this house so i don’t have to pay capital gains taxes since it was “flipped” within a year???


torojd - you do realize that you will have to pay taxes on the 25k “consultation fee” - you would have to pay it based on your marginal rate as regular income. So not sure if I see the tax benefit of not having your LLC “own” the property. Have you talked with your CPA?

Hey thanks for you response! I have not talked to my accountant. I do have an LLC that I do use for business. I’m just wondering if my LLC can recieve that 20,000 fee W/O having to “own” int during the “flip”…

My guess is that this could be done. However what would be the benefit? You would still owe the taxes on the fee.

How is the LLC taxed?