How do I search for motivated sellers in a specific sub-division

I’m noticing there are several investors that are getting many deals in a very investor friendly subdivision(houses built in the early 1900s that once rehabbed are selling for top dollar in this sub). I have talked to one such investor and he mentioned he is sending out direct mail. What strategies should I employ to get myself some of these desirable deals. I was thinking about a combination of bombing every house in the sub with a doorhanger, direct mail(owner occ., absentee, criteria??) and good old fashioned investigative work. Anyone have any ideas?? Thx in advance

You have mentioned the exact technique. You may want to add bandit signs also. But you have to do it over and over and over again so that when they decide to sell they think of you. Now once you get a call you have to evaluate it to determine if it is a deal or not. Find out what their problem is and if you can fix their problem. They will probably come in wanting too much money so you have to be able to get them to settle for what you want to pay for it. The things you provide are fast closing, cash in their hands, no fix up, etc. But to get these benefits they have to come down on the prices.

I suggest you send mail to every house in that subdivison.