How do I prolong or Stop an foreclosure Sale?

I need help in finding out How do I stop or prolong an Foreclosure sale. I have less than 2 weeks to do something so that I can have more time to find a investor Buyer.

Do I file a Lis pendens?


As a loss mitigator in a foreclosure department at a major bank, I would offer the bank money and ask for a postponement agreement to give you 30 days to cash them out.

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Thanks Jeremy

Another option is to simply create a since of urgency with the lender. I’ve sometimes informed the lender that the homeowner is strongly considering other options to avoid foreclosure. If I’ve made this point early on in the process and set the tone then I often am able to buy time. I closed a deal in December that was 3 days from going on the steps. The original foreclosure date was set for the end of October so I was able to buy just about two months.