How do I market myself with REOs?

I am very interested in getting into real estate investing. I have had this goal for years now and have taken solid steps towards one day reaching my dream. I am a 19 year old full-time college student. I am working towards my Bachelors in both Business Economics and Finance. I would like to continue on from there and earn my MBA (great fallback if real estate doesn’t work). I am very blessed with being able to absorb and process information quickly, which gives me plenty of free time even though I am taking a maximum load. I mention my detailed background, not to toot my own horn, but to better help you understand my situation and give me solid advice.

This summer I started my own small landscaping business to make some extra money. It took off slow but I used some common marketing techniques that allowed it to suddenly boom. This led me to network with a guy that contracts Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac REO’s to “vendors.” My location was not in their targeted areas but he still gave me two trashouts that turned out to be very profitable and actually enjoyable. Now I want more :slight_smile:

How do I market myself as a REO vendor? I would love to handle 3-5 trashouts per week in a ~30 mile radius of my location, but an opportunity has arisen that would allow me to increase my range. I just don’t know who to contact. More importantly, I don’t know who is WORTH contacting. I don’t want to go into business where I’m chasing after Net/30 payments for months.

Performing trashouts on REO properties seems like a good way to start networking and learning the business while I’m still in college. The pay is also really good for someone my age. I obviously don’t want to be doing this my entire life, but I could realistically seeing myself doing these for 2-4 more years while I’m still in school. Thanks for your help!