How Do I locate an Owner out of state

Ok here is the deal. I seem to have found a house that fits the criteria for my first purchace. Owner is dead and house is now in posession of daughter who lives out of state. The house is empty and seems to have been for a while. I have an adress thatI know is accurate for the daughter but number is unlisted. Do I just write a letter and ask her to get in touch with me and hope that she will respond or is there a better way.

Thanks for any input.

Check with the county to find out where the tax bills are going. Then, yes, write a compelling letter “I have an interested party that might like to purchase your property…” or plan a road trip to appeal in person. What have you got to lose? :o

Some of the following may be of help

Qwest Dex -
Google -
Search Bug -

A simple personal property tax search can provide new location information

Contacting the neighbors next door to the subject property and directly across the street
can yield a wealth of information

Polk’s City Directory-

Thank You guys I appreciate the info.

Rich will find her number if you cant find it through the others advice.


Good info.

There’s all kinds of ways to locate people, but to be sure she reads your letter, send her a thank you card, hand address it to her from you. It will be read, make sure your business card is in there as well.

You don’t want to come off as some big corporation looking to steal her property away from her, you’re a concerned neighbor of “that house” and have friends or family who would be very interested in fixing the place up to live in the neighborhood.

Good Luck!

Your Local Title Company can help as well!

If you want someone to even knock on her door contact an agent with a major RE co. in the area you want to buy. He will contact an agent in the town she lives in. That agent will contact her one way of an other. The best part about it you won’t have to spend a dime to see if she wants to sell.

go with either a title company or just send them a formal letter.