How do I know what to look for ?

I can’t figured it out. What formula do I need ? 50% on the dollar,0r 60, 70. I know 70% is the rule. How will I know what works for me. Is it whatever I feel comfortable with. Or something else. HELP HELP.

What exactly is your question? We need more info. 70% on the dollar to do what?


i think he has the 50% rule confused with buying 70% or less of the property.

50% rule means when looking for rental properties for them to cashflow the rent needs to be 2% of the purchase price because 50% of the expected rent is considered expenses.

say you bought a house for 25,000 and planned to rent it. for it to meet the 50% rule and make you POSITIVE cash flow it would need to rent for 500 a month (2% of purchase price)

500/monthly rent. $250 (the 50% rule) is expected to be expenses, not always the case but to be successful you plan on real life expenses.

now your getting that confused with buying property on a discount. you buy your properties @ 70% or less of their value. Its pretty simple really you need to read alot more about RE and on this forum. use the search option type in a topic you need help with.

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What exactly is your question? We need more info. 70% on the dollar to do what?

Sorry, I meant to write 50% to look for properties to wholesale. I just wanted to know if I am using the right formula to wholesale. I am a She. :wink: thanks.

I would look for any property that you could buy between 1%-70% of market value. It all comes down to what type of buyers you have lined up. If you are wholesaling to retail buyers you can make money on homes that are put under contract at 70% of market value.