How do I invest in Texas Tax Liens without being in Texas?

I want to buy Texas tax liens certificates. Is there a website for such purchase?
Is it better to buy OTC tax liens or at an auction online?
How do I find the calendar of all the Texas tax liens for all the counties?


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Are you equipped to burden the loss if you get burned because you did not inspect the property? I cannot imagine investing in a market I didn’t know. tax line investing DOES have risk and investing out of state only increases risk.

I don’t know of a specific site. I recommend you search for Texas county websites. Many counties across the nation have websites and often have tax sale information on their websites. Again I don’t know about Texas but many jurisdictions are stating to go with online bidding. is one company that services tax line sales for various jurisdictions.

Texas is tax deed state and does not have tax lien certificate auctions. Tax deed auctions are done by competitive bidding but sheriffs and private law firms usually handle the sales.

In Texas each county determines how they will host its tax lien auction whether it OTC or at an auction. You must contact the county directly to determine how they sell the tax liens. Additionally you can search for law firms that handle tax liens in Texas and they can provide you information about the counties the firm represents.

All tax lien auctions in Texas occur on the 1st Tuesday of the month. If you are unfamiliar with the specific counties in Texas you may want to seek out a resource in Texas that can help evaluate the tax lien investment in specific properties. A great resource would be a local real estate agent or attorney.

Texas tax sale system is tax deed sale only.