How do I hire Bird Dogs all over the country without breaking the law?

:help I have an Idea that is big. I also have a problem attached to it that is just as big! So this is two questions. How do I pay Bird Dogs, and how Much do I pay Bird Dogs if I have to pay them per lead?

I figured out a way to have hundreds of bird dogs working for me in a month. Bird Dogs sniff out quality leads, so thats where I decided to put my marketing.

Getting Bird Dogs on board is no problem. The problem is how do I pay them, without paying them a flat rate per lead? I’ve heard of ways where you bring the Bird Dog in as a partner and give them 2% of the deal, I’ve heard of the ‘Independent Contractor’ way, I’ve heard of putting the Bird Dog on the contract as the Buyer, then buy the contract off the Bird Dog, Putting both our names as the buyer, and buy the Bird Dog out of his share of the contract…on and on.

Please help, any advice would be appreciated. Launching this idea is the biggest thing I’ve ever done. But the Idea is worthless if I can’t pay my Bird Dogs on “commission”.

There has to be a way, no matter how complex, to pay a Bird Dog, that works in every state. But if there isn’t, how much is a lead worth? The lead Includes 4-original photos, basic property information, and owner’s name & address?

Thank you all so much for your reply’s. This forum is awesome. Any links to previous posts on this subject is also appreciated!


I sure hope you can find some answers to this as I am here in nashville and found that the “no money out of pocket” rehab business dosn’t exsist. I have tried hard money lenders but they will just not fund @ 100%. Unfortunatly I have bad credit and NO money to bring to the deal…
That being said I thought I had a private investor (he backed out after I presented him with several proposals… makes me wonder if he stole them and got the deals himsef…??) however, I got VERY good at finding GREAT deals here in nashville (where I have lived all my life and know the market VERY well). I am therefore looking to turn this skill into bird dogging untill I can get some cash to get started on my own (actually I work with a partner who has construction experience so we can also project manage and I am a DIY poster child… and can save lots of cash by doing lots of the work ourselves…) If you find out how and what to pay I would definatly be intrested in working with you.



If you have gotten really good at finding great deals, then why don’t you just wholesale them? There’s the “no money/no credit” for ya!

The problem isn’t money. I have private money. I do plan to wholesale some of the deals, i also plan to rehab some, and rent out others. Problem is, my Idea is going to be in the public eye, in Magazines and such. If I can’t legally deliver on my promise that I can pay my Bird Dogs, then I have wasted my time, and everyone else’s. :banghead

I’ll let you know when this goes live Bill. I think you will like the simplicity of he system I have set up :smile

:banghead No ideas anybody?