How do I get title to abandoned mobile homes?

I own a mobile home park with 23 half-acre spaces. I have a situation where two lot renters just abandoned their mobile homes and they have both been sitting vacant for 2 months now.

I have already been through the eviction process and now have a writ of possession. However, they just keep sitting there. Vanderbilt, who is/was financing the homes, was notified that they needed to pay lot rent or move them. They have made no attempt to do either.

WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS, I am losing revenue!!! Can I now seize the properties and apply for titles and start renting them? Anyone been in this situation before? Please advise!!! :banghead

In case it varies from state to state, my park is in North Carolina.

put a lien on them , Then rent them out. They will need to find you when they think they are going to sell them. Add to the lien every month for space rent and lost income if you don’t rent them. How much are they worth. Any chance they are coming for them because of high value.


I am not certain for your state but in the states (KY, IL, MO, SD, WY, IA, and VA) I have had or do have MHPs in now it is not very hard to get an abandoned title.

You can go to the DMV to get a form that will allow you to request a title for abandoned vehicles, this is the same form used for car titles. Most of the people who work at the DMV will argue if you tell them it is for a Mobile Home so it is usually best to just let them think it is for a car located on your property. Make sure you cover the legal notification process for your state. You may need to even put an ad in the newspaper there.

Also GOD WNZ way will work too, I have done this many times in the past.

Richard Stephens

I’ll be running down to the DMV. However, I have a question for GOD WNZ – Vanderbilt has come and yanked a Mobile Home off one of the lots before without my knowledge. What if I rent one of these trailers while they are dragging their feet – Can they just show up and tow the home away? Am I liable for the renters belongings if this happens?

Could be a real mess for you. Contact the mob owner. Try to make a deal. Still I would lien the mob and try for title. If the bank has foreclosed , they are the legal owners and attempting to gain title with a lien on the title may be impossible. If the foreclosure has gone through then lien the title, if it is not done and they proceed…your liens may be wiped out. Check foreclosures in your county to see if the mobs are set for foreclosure. If they are let them go thruogh and immediatly…same day, file liens for space rent… The movers will be there very soon after the foreclosore. Perhaps hinder the moving company by piling the lawn clippings, other debris infront of them till you get satisfaction.