How do I get the dimensions on a lot?

The guy that wants to purchase the home that I have under contract wants to know the dimensions of the lot. I know how many square feet it is but there has been no recent survey done so I do not know the length and width. The guy that actually owns the house knows very little about it because it was given to him when his friend passed away.

Basically, my question is is there any way for me to find out the dimensions of the house without having a survey done?


Your county website may have it if you have not checked I believe you are in Bell County if I remenber correctly. If it is not there you may have to look at the court house at the plat map for the subdivision.

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PS I do not know where I got Bell County Sorry You can go to the Resourses pull down menue above and look up your tax district just in case you did not know how to do this.

PS 2 I just tried to find my lot size and could not read the plat map I pulled up. Too small. Will search some more options for you .

Hi Ted, I just wanted to know that I was able to find the info on HCAD. If you click on the magnifying glass and then click on what map you would like to see it increases the size to a legible print.

Thanks again
Michelle Kasper