How do i get buyer to look through the house?

Is the buyer going to be satisfied with just driving by the house or is he going to want to go in and inspect it?
How do i get the buyer to look through the house without talking to the seller and mess my deal up ?

Yes the buyer will have to get in. Tell him he is your funding partner and to please refrain from talking with the seller.

My two cents would be to make sure you are there when your buyer goes to look at it. :smile

From my experience in 95% of cases your buyer will want to get into see the home.

Having said that, if you’re seller is unaware that you plan to assign the contract to an outside party (I wouldn’t recommend not informing the seller BTW) , many investors will bring their buyers through as “Contractor” or “Property Inspectors”

Over the years I’ve needed to act like a structural engineer, contractor, inspector, concrete contractor…the most creative thing i’ve seen is when one investor I knew had 8 people come through the home and he told the seller they were “Construction Students…Learning the Ropes”…

I recommend just going with the truth though.

Also…if it’s a REO (but it sounds like it’s not) , it will be the agent that is scheduling to have people go through the house , probably your own agent…They probably won’t care as much.

That is one great thing about REOs , no emotional involvement or hurt feelings.

With a seller who is selling their personal residence…it’s a lot different.

I like your question i am wondering to about. I am planning to tell the truth to my sellers and buyers but I am scared the buyer will take the deal. can i sign a contract with them before they see the house?

If you have it under contract (in writing) they won’t be able to take the deal from you. You definately want to have it under contract before showing it.

Make sure you have an inspection contingency in the contract as well.