How Do I Get A Realtor License In Las Vegas?

Hi, does anyone know a school that teachs real estate agent license classes in Las Vegas? I already asked CCSN, their class already started. So is there any other schools that teachs this? Please post their contact info if it’s allowed, if not, please PM me. Thanks. :sunglasses:

This URL is to the NV Real Estate Dept. You’ll see a link to approved pre-licensing providers–these are the approved schools offering courses for people who want to get licensed as agents:



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Having spent close to 40 years in Las Vegas I know a few of the instructors at the Community College some very fine teachers, I would speak with the person who teaches the real estate class currently, they will tell you who they would recommend as I am sure they wind up getting the ones who did not make it from some of the other schools.

Nothing like getting a first hand recommendation from someone who knows.

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