How do i find ?

How do I find people that may need property leads in southern southwestern Indiana for investing. Have a few but just learning and thought maybe someone would like to invest in this area. They could maybe help me understand more about the business. Thanks In advance. Was reading about bird dogging. I really want to get into investing but have no money. Might be a way for me to get started.

Call some of the “We buy houses” ads in the paper or signs in your area. In my city the owners of homevestors “We buy ugly houses” franchises have “bird dog” training classes. You may want to call one of those offices in your area.

Here are just a few ideas.

1 You local newspaper probably has “Investment Real Estate Section.” Call on those numbers, whether they are buying or selling, and let them know you are looking to flip out your contracts.

2 Bandit signs along the highways postged by investors.

3 Your local REI clubs.

4 Google for Investment Real Estate in your local area

5 Drive the neighborhoods you will be doing deals in and look for houses being rehabed and get the owners phone numbers.

6 Call local Hard Money Lenders and ask them for investors that they lend money to.

7 Have local realtors introduce you to investors they know.

Bottom line is when you find the right deals, there is an overabundance of investors out there ready to buy the deal. But work on putting together your list of investors first, so when you get the right deal, they are just a phone call away.